Electric Vehicles: Your Opportunity to Grow

                                    Series on Fundamentals on Electric Vehicles - All Episodes
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What will I learn?
  1. Understand emerging trends in EV industry in India
  2. Learn basics of types of batteries, chargers and BMS system
  3. Understand business landscape of EV industry.
  4. Learn about career opportunities in EV

Course Description-
Episode 1: Importance of Electric Vehicles
This episode focuses on how there is a need to transform from fossil fuel to cleaner forms of energy.

Episode 2: Customer needs & Battery Management System (BMS)
This episode focuses on Customer needs and would they prefer EV Vehicles over IC Engines. It also shines a light on critical components like motor and batteries, Types of Batteries, Battery Management System and the Telematics.

Episode 3: EV Ecosystem
This episode focuses on EV Ecosystem in terms of Charging Infrastructure. It also includes concepts of AC and DC Charging. You will also learn about Charging Stations and Infrastructure and its role in the overall grid.

Episode 4: Opportunities and Upcoming Training Modules
This episode focuses on opportunities for young EV enthusiasts in the Industry and the upcoming Training Modules on the Rosefield B2B portal.

Instructor details-
Mr.Suhas has 34 years of vast experience in multiple organizations with more than six years of experience in the EV industry. He has experience working in eminent organizations like Exicom, Delta Electronics, and Emerson Network Power at senior positions. During his time at Exicom, he deployed a lithium-ion battery pack, BMS manufacturing, and charging infrastructure in India. Mr.Suhas holds a high level of expertise in application engineering and product development. He has participated and presented papers in many global forums.

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