About Us

Rosefield Energy Tech Pvt Ltd has created knowledge sharing B2B platform, intended to help professionals to enhance their knowledge in Lubricants and EV sectors. Through various initiatives like Rosefield Masterclass, Rosefield Trainings, Rosefield B2B portal where we provide blogs on Lubricants, newsletters, events on Lubricants, webinars, and a training platform.  The founders want to make a difference in the energy sector. The parent company Rosefield DAA international has been founded by experts having core business consulting and facilitating search for business partners in lubricant industry. In short span of 5+ years it has carved out a niche for itself.


We realised there is no knowledgebase created in the Lubricant industry, thus in order to bridge this gap we offer the following solutions:


In view of the above, a strong need was felt to create a digital platform for all stakeholders in the Lubricants value chain (from Automotive/Industrial OEMs to Lube/additive/base oil companies to Logistics/manufacturing/packaging etc) providing a knowledge and services, leading that to get connected with the entire world.

  • We intend to create a strong knowledge base by  
  • Conducting Webinars by experts on various topics
  • Blogs on most contemporary subjects by industry leaders
  • News related to Lubricants industry (which will include Automobile/Industrial segments and Crude/Gas/Renewable/EVs, as well)
  • Conducting Training modules

Strategic Partner

Dubai based strategic partner with an expertise in Supply Chain solutions cutting across Industries located in the Middle East & Africa. Learn More.